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Sometimes people have the tendecy to save some money on putty... Finally that can became maybe the most expensive saving and we always have this in our mind - our putties are produced from finest raw materials to provide safe basic layer for all your paint jobs. We provide very popular Multi putty as well as specialized putties for specific applications - you can find the right product for your job each time with no compromise. Our putties will save you a lot of time and money during sanding, therefore the price is kept in very competitive level in complex calculation.

Multi Spachtel

- multifunctional filling and finishing putty for alu and zinc

- easy spreading thanks to creamy consistency

- no pores, fast and easy sanding saving paper

- perfect final surface ready for filler application

- available in 500g or 1,8kg

Glas Softspachtel

- revolutionary glass reinforced putty with super easy sanding

- light structure for large damaged areas, almost no pinholes

- possible sanding even three days after application

- very fine final surface ready for filler application

- available in 1L

Glas Spachtel

- improved formula of classic glass reinforced putty

- reduced pinholes, easier sanding and paper savings

- designed for heavy damaged areas and parts

- available in 1,8kg

Soft Spachtel

- multifunctional light putty for large panels and repairs

- possible to use on aluminium and zinc panels

- easy sanding, no paper filling 

- available in 1L

Fein Spachtel

- top quality fine putty for finest possible surface

- easy filling pores, scratches and imperfections, no pores

- easy sanding and no paper filling

- available in 1,8kg

Alu Spachtel

- fine aluminium putty with high heat and mechanical resistance

- fine structure, easy to spread and sand, no need of fine putty

- possible use as reinforcement for damaged areas

- available in 1,8kg

Flexi Spachtel

- special flexible putty for plastic parts

- high adhesion and flexibility for long lasting appearance

- professional process of plastic part repairs

- available in 500g

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