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Our fillers are manufactured with focus on high corrosive protection, fast and safe application and easy sanding. Our sanding filler is providing outstanding filling properties combined with great stability that allow to increase oveal workflow in bodyshop. We are providing also special products for specific application -  wet on wet filler for new parts, 1K filler for ultra fast small repairs and wash primer for outstanding corrosive protection on galvanized steel and aluminium. Our main product is available in three colours with two hardeners for adapting each environment and basecoat formula for best possible results.

4:1 VOC Füller

- high-solid acrylic filler with top quality anticorrosive additives

- easy application, very good filling properties, easy sanding

- available in three colours with two hardeners and sizes

- compatible with solvent and water based materials

- cans 3,6+0,9L or 1+0,25L

4:1 Performance Füller


- high productive filler for fast repairs in and out spray booth

- drying possible in lower temperature in winter season

- no thinner requires - fail proof application

- drying 15-20min at 60°C, 2,5-3h at 20°C

- available in middle grey shade, cans 3,6+0,9L

6:1 Nass in Nass Füller


- wet on wet filler especially developed for new parts

- top surface quality, fast drying for basecoat application

- no thinner required, for solvent and waterborn basecoats

- available in middle grey shade, cans 3,6+0,6L

1K Füller


- one component anticorrosive filler for zinc and aluminium

- possible application to several plastic materials

- fast drying, very good filling, easy application

- 2:1 diluting ratio by 1K Füller Verdünnung

- available in middle grey shade, cans 1L


Wash Primer


- two component acid reactive primer for zinc and aluminium

- top anticorrosive protection for difficult surface materials

- fast drying, easy application, no sanding required

- available in 1L cans

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