smart choice for your bodyshop


Smart choice

With our brand you are choosing 50 years of paint production experience, own material testing and development using latest raw materials and production technologies. This has been already prooved by well known brands as smart choice for outsource production and for your company it means one of the best ways how to purchase high quality materials for competitive price.

Unique formulas

Because there is not many raw material producers in Europe, the formula finally makes each product unique. Combining careful raw material selection and quality control by skilled stuff of our lab, this provides you one of the best quality level for paint materials production. Every single material is tested many times in bodyshop (including long lasting all season clear coat tests and corrosive testing) before we will provide it to final customers.

Anticorrosive protection

Starting from sanded bare metal, our products are providing outstanding anticorrosive protection. Just our sanding filler is providing high level of protection but you can always improve it with Wash Primer in problematic aplications and materials if needed.

New products development

We are not finished with our brand - we are still developing new products based on latest raw materials alowing you to be safer, faster and in the final result cheaper than your competitors. Also anticorrosive protection of our products is still improving with new material standards as you can expect from well established brands.


There is no distribution chain between our company and production plant - you can use all described benefits of skilled production stuff and equipment for best possible price with shortest possible delivery times - your customers will admire this concept for sure!

Well balanced

All of our products must go through long lasting tests including material compatibility with other products like solvent and waterborn basecoats, different application environment and conditions. Therefore we can provide you materials for most of paint jobs you must proceed every day in your bodyshop during all seasons with high level of application comfort and short time spent during sanding and polishing. 


We always have in our mind environment during our material development and production. Our material development is using environmentaly friendly raw materials wherever it is possible and we are continuously testing all raw materials entering production process - we can prevent all possible defects in raw materials and minimize waste from production combined with high quality standard for our customers. 


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